Ultimate Mats is your go-to destination if you’re looking for top-notch, custom-branded mats designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The company stocks a vast selection of well-crafted, branded mats, including logo mats, which could be a great way to showcase your brand to your clients or customers while keeping your premises clean.

The Heavy-Duty Outdoor Logo Mats, available in Ultimate Mats’ impressive collection, are the perfect solution for businesses seeking to create a lasting impact by greeting customers right from the point of entry, all while enduring direct rainfall and decontaminating any dirt and debris from shoes, thus ensuring that your interiors remain clean.

The Indoor Logo Mats, also offered at Ultimate Mats, provide a unique opportunity to direct your customer’s attention to your brand, and make a lasting impression while also keeping your floors clean. This is because they are designed to extend the lifespan of floors and protect them from the rigors of foot traffic, thus ensuring that they maintain their aesthetic appeal for longer.

Logo mats and Branded mats provide practical and effective advertising benefits for your establishment. By displaying your brand name and logo, our mats act as a silent marketing tool that reinforces your brand image and creates a memorable experience for your customers. In addition to their advertising benefits, our logo mats offer practical advantages, providing an additional layer of protection against dirt, debris, and moisture, which keep your floors cleaner and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

These branded logo mats are made of durable materials and designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, providing long-lasting performance. Choose Ultimate Mats for your logo mat needs and take advantage of our team of experts who will work closely with you to create a custom-designed logo mat that perfectly represents your brand and meets your specific requirements. Our mats make a powerful statement, enhance your brand visibility, and create a welcoming environment for your valued customers.


Ultimate Mats sells high-quality mats with logos that businesses can use. They offer different kinds of logo mats like Berberpoint, Spaghetti and Cushion Fall Mats, and Rubber Mats. The Spaghetti mat works for indoor and outdoor use and has a tough rubber backing that helps it grip surfaces better. The Berberpoint Logo mat is good at trapping dirt. All the mats can be customized to fit each business’ specific needs and in different sizes. Whether customers want to show off their brand, or just make their place look nicer, Ultimate Mats can help.

We manufacture our outdoor logo mats from the sturdiest materials available. They’re designed to hold up to the wear of heavy pedestrian foot traffic. The color-fast dyes in our outdoor door mats resist fading even in direct sunlight. Our color-stable fibers maintain their appearance and withstand wear and tear, despite daily use. We use only high-quality, slip-resistant rubber, weatherproof vinyl and nonabsorbent fibers in our outdoor floor mats.

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To create an environment that is consumer-friendly while making the buying of logo floor mats simple and cost-effective. 

We see logo floor mats as a low-cost sales and marketing tool that places your logo in front of your customer as they enter your facility. When used properly, our logo mats are a safe and effective way to keep floors clean and dry.

Commercial Logo Floor Mats & Branded Mats

Our premier supplier of high-quality branded mats and logo mats across South Africa and beyond. Our products are tailored to businesses in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Rustenburg, and numerous other towns and cities.

Our branded mats aren’t just functional additions to your business space; they’re essential elements of your branding strategy. Offering customization options, top-notch materials, and reliable nationwide delivery services covering South Africa’s nine provinces—Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West, and Western Cape—these logo mats are a vital investment for any business aiming to make a lasting impact.

In Gauteng alone, we’ve supplied branded logo mats to businesses in Randburg, Sandton, Edenvale, Sebenza, Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Germiston, Roodepoort, Midrand, Alberton, Benoni, Centurion, Krugersdorp, and Kempton Park.

Furthermore, our custom branded logo mats extend beyond South Africa’s borders, reaching clients in cities such as Windhoek (Namibia), Gaborone (Botswana), Lusaka (Zambia), Harare (Zimbabwe), Maputo (Mozambique), Nairobi (Kenya), Accra (Ghana), Swaziland/Eswatini, Maseru (Lesotho), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), and Lilongwe (Malawi).

Elevate your business presence and make a distinct impression with our premium branded mats and logo mats, crafted to enhance your branding efforts.

Contact us today to discover how our branded mats can amplify your business identity, wherever you are located


 Our logo mats are a practical and efficient way to improve brand recognition, increase the comfort of your customers and employees, and enhance the appearance of your business. We offer solutions for a broad range of industries and business types, from commercial office spaces and real estate firms to schools and hotels. 

Our most popular options are logo carpet mats, but we also offer outdoor logo mats, branded mats, and custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Regardless of the weather, our high-quality commercial-grade carpet top or rubber logo mat will continue to promote your business.

Get Noticed With Custom Logo Outdoor Mats

Custom logo outdoor mats are the perfect addition to your marketing efforts. They’re a fantastic way to attract potential customers into your store or business. Dynamically designed outdoor custom mats promote your company’s image and enhance your advertising efforts with a strong visual presentation right at visitors’ feet. An outdoor logo mat offers the performance of sturdy entrance mats with the personalized appearance of branded floor mats.

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The ultimate floor protection for high foot traffic Entrance areas.